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The goal of the SABJJF is to provide south Africa with needed competition. We strive to bring an international standard to the local Brazilian Jiujitsu scene and provide you with the best quality competitions. Just like our competitors our focus it to be the best.

About the SABJJF

This Federation was established to bring the best competition in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to South Africa.  The mission of the SABJJF is to bring together those academies, team’s and individuals searching for a traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu championship and the spread of our art.

Referee Courses

The rules used in these events follow the traditional rules utilized by the IBJJF, with the greatest objective being to preserve the integrity of the competitors and to give our spectators a true show of the sport.

Our Rule courses will cover the in’s and the outs of the IBJJF/CBJJF rule set getting you ready and competent.