Article 11         Secretary General

11.1     The Secretary General is elected by the GA, by secret ballot, from among its members for a term of six (6) years. A simple majority is required for election of the Secretary General.

11.2     Only elected members of the SABJJF EC and/or the CF EC who have acted as a member of the EC for at least one (1) complete term may be a candidate for Secretary General.

11.3    The Secretary General is responsible for the following:

  1. To execute the decisions taken by the EC;
  2. To maintain relationships with the CFs, with the affiliated NFs and with outside parties;
  3. To oversee the voting procedures of the SABJJF during ordinary and extraordinary meetings of the EC and GA, tallying votes accordingly;
  4. To draw up and take care of the minutes of the EC and of the GA meetings;
  5. With the approval of the President, may negotiate and sign all contracts between the SABJJF and other organizations or companies;
  6. With the approval of the President, may represent the SABJJF at negotiations concluded on its behalf.
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