Article 12         Treasurer

12.1     The Treasurer is elected by the GA, by secret ballot, from among its members for a term of
six (6) years. A simple majority is required for election of the Treasurer.

12.2      Only elected members of the SABJJF EC and/or the CF EC who have acted as a member of
their respective EC for at least one (1) complete term may be a candidate for Treasurer.

12.3    The Treasurer is responsible for the following:

  1. Responsible for the financial management of the SABJJF;
  2. Prepare the annual financial reports, including annual budget and balance sheet, which shall be submitted to the GA, together with the auditor’s report if any;
  3. Present financial reports to the EC before the Ordinary Meeting of the GA.
  4. Shall explore possibilities of increasing the Treasury of SABJJF and shall submit proposals to the EC
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